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  Does the guy you’re dating have more hair in his ears than on his head?

Does the woman you’re dating have more hair on her chin than you do?


         Welcome to middle age.


And welcome to Heather Estay’s online press kit!


Heather Estay, humorous commentator, novelist, speaker, and self-confessed non-expert on many issues, offers her quirky perspective on topics of interest to Baby Boomers – and other topics that actually interest hardly anyone except Heather's mother.  Heather does this so she doesn’t have to get a real job.


Topics such as:

  •  How You Know If You’re In a Rut: 
    "If you go to confession and have nothing to confess, and matching socks is the intellectual high point of your day. . .”
  •  The Benefits of Having Your Identity Stolen:  “Anyone who is truly interested in stealing my identity should get the full deal, right?  The car payments, the ex who won’t leave me alone, my rapidly advancing cellulite, the root canal I’ve got scheduled in two weeks. . .”
  • The Blessings of Cosmic Two-By-Fours 
    “You’ve got to know when to ignore really good advice of your very best friends. . ."

    A recovering corporate real estate consultant, Heather Estay was dubbed the Bridget Jones of the over forty set for her three humorous novels: It’s Never Too Late to Get a Life, It’s Never Too Late to Be a Bridesmaid, and It’s Never Too Late to Look Hot. She also writes a weekly column, It’s Just a Musing, and speaks  to women’s groups and professional organizations who have a sense of humor.

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This online press kit is designed to meet the media's needs. You can also visit Heather's public Web site: www.heatherestay.com. For any media requests or questions, please contact Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200, michelle@publicityresults.com




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